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All subjects are taught in English except for the Hindi programme, Staff also receive continuous in-house and outsourced professional development to ensure that teaching remains focused and effective, and best adapted to meet our pupils’ needs.

Curriculum aims

We encourage and promote a creative and cross-curricular approach in order to form a deeper understanding of topics and foster:

  • a love and passion for life-long learning
  • a sense of wonder / respect for the world we live in
  • the ability to problem solve
  • academic excellence
  • a sense of pride in their own and others’ achievements
  • social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness
  • independence
  • freedom of expression
  • high expectations of themselves and others
  • respect and trust
  • empathy
Curriculum values

We believe:

  • all children have a right to learn
  • all children have a right to be safe and happy
  • all children are unique
  • all children should be listened to and treated fairly
  • all children should be respected
  • we should respect and value others’ opinions and beliefs
  • parents play an important role in their child’s education
  • we are all part of a wider community which is an integral part of our children’s development
  • excellent teachers create excellent learning